Team Member Title

Julie Augustin

Admissions/Foreign Student/SME

Philippe Brunson

Accounts Payable Manager/SME/University Trainer

Donal Christian

Financial Liaison - Comptroller

Ediltrudys “Edi” Ruiz

Chief Information Officer and Campus Executive

Charles Coleman

Budget Lead

Norma Goodman

Associate Registrar/SME

Warren Heusner

Admissions Lead

Tanya E. Isaacs

Human Resource Liaison and Change Management Liaison - Director of Human Resources

Conley James

Financial Aid

Goldene Lewis-Kelly

Purchasing/Procurement SME - Purchasing Director

Dr. Keming Liu

Chairperson Liaison - Associate Professor of English Deputy Chair ESL, and Prof. Writing Coordinator Dept. of English

Wilson Mendez

Financial Aid 

Mark McMillan

Communication Liaison

Gina Nurse

Project Management Liaison and Training Liaison

Videl Price

Deputy Budget Director

Johana Rivera Registrar

Project Lead - Registrar/SME

George Softleigh

Bursar/SME - Finance


Faye Chan Data Functional Liaison
Selma Cunningham Application Security Liaison
Sowonee Duworko Facilities Liaison - SME Campus/Space Reservation
Heather Grant Benefits Representative - HCM/HR - SME

Syed Javed

Application Security Liaison

Aneesa Lesley

Super User HCM/HR System - SME

Joylyn Phillip-Ndiaye

Executive Assistant of the Dean of Quality Assurance

Mohammad Nematollahi

IT System Development

Anthony Phifer

Coordinator of Services for Differently - Abled

Lenny Williams

Help Desk Liaison and Application Security Liaison