What roles are available in the CUNYfirst Procurement Module?

There are various roles for creating and approving a requisition. Additionally, there are roles for processing payments to a vendor once goods and services are received. For a full list of these roles, please see the matrix below:

CUNYfirst Role



Responsible for the validity of the request per CUNY guidelines


Creates requisitions on behalf of one or more requestors

Requestor’s Supervisor

Direct HCM supervisor of the Requestor, validates the request.

Department Approver (Levels 1 & 2)

Approves requisition validating Budget availability and priorities

Category Approver

Approve specifications for specific categories – IT, Hazmat, Furniture/Facilities, outside legal services


Enters receipts for goods/services. Can be the requestor or central receiving personnel based on college and goods/services received


Inspects to ensure that goods and services accepted by your campus for payment were delivered as specified and in proper working order for the following categories:

IT equipment and services

Hazmat equipment and services

Furnishings and equipment requiring installation, and Facilities-related services.

How do I establish a role in CUNYfirst?

You will need to obtain approval from your supervisor and the business office by submitting a CUNYfirst Procurement User Access Request form.