What is CUNYfirst Procurement?

  • All requisitions, purchase orders and vouchers (payments) will be processed via CUNYfirst with approvals for these processes enforced by system workflows
  • The CUNYfirst system will validate budget availability, at every step in the  procurement process
  • No self-approvals will be allowed for any CUNYfirst transactions Segregation of duties will be enforced through role assignments
  • No approvals by subordinates will be permitted
  • Receipts will be required prior to payment and enforced by the system

Ask Your Supervisor if You Will Need to be Trained?

If you do, go to http://www.mec.cuny.edu/cuny_first/ and Claim Your Account  User training starts June 10, 2013 for persons assigned to use the system by their  supervisors

Training Highlights

  • Overview of CUNY and State procurement guidelines
  • How to use the CUNYfirst procurement module for processing requisitions and  acknowledging receipt of goods and services
  • Understanding that segregation of duties will be controlled through role   assignments and ensuring these roles are correctly assigned in the system

For Help: cunyfirst.help@mec.cuny.edu