Office of Institutional Research and Assesssment


The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (IRA) conducts research and surveys to provide information for the College's decision-making, strategic planning and institutional assessment. The office collects and manages internal and external data to form integrated information, evaluates programs and initiatives, and provides student outcomes assessment.

The research responsibilities for this office include statistical analyses of student enrollment trend data, research on student retention, performance and graduation, preparing student profiles and outcomes for departments and programs, providing outside constituents with statistical data, and the publication of the annual College Snapshot.

The assessment responsibilities for this office include the design, administration, collection, and processing of in-house student surveys, and the coordination of national and commercial surveys at various points of the student experience. The Office also provides data support and suggests methodologies for academic programs assessment and departmental reviews, and the evaluation of college effectiveness.

Using both institutional data and survey results, the Office implements and provides measures for the student progression model that forms the frame work of the College’s institutional assessment plan.

The Office communicates with the CUNY Institutional Research and Assessment Office to understand the computational aspects of the University’s requirements for evaluative measures, as well as to provide the College’s feedback. The Office participates in the College Performance Management Process to study institutional effectiveness in meeting stated purposes, so the College can use the results to improve college programs, services and facilities.

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